Manifest Monday 8.27.18

When life starts to test our limits, remember this:

“I am a spirit having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to love”- Gabby Bernstein


Because at the end of the day, that is our true soul’s purpose in life-  to find, live and breathe unconditional love.

Everything else that handed to us in this human experience, is meant to help us grow, evolve, and ascend into unconditional love.

When we decide to leave our human body and this plane of exsistance, it will not matter what car we had, what kind of house we lived in, what trips we made, etc…

What will matter most is if we were ever able to acheive any of those things ( or never have them at all) while having unconditional love in our hearts.

That is the biggest test in our lifetime here on earth.  That will be our greatest achievement.

Let that sink in… (and then share your thoughts below!)

stop hating on millennials already

I used to nark on millennials- something I am not proud of, but I have had a change of heart recently.  Their lingo and music still makes me want to jab a q-tip in my ears, but that’s as far as I will let my adversity towards them go.  This generation is our future, and will pave the path of the future for the generation after that.

These beautiful souls are living in the age where we are being called to question everything!

They are becoming awakened to the energy that surrounds them, and they know deep in their gut, that shit is just not happening as it should be. They are starting to ask questions.  Discover different methods, explore various options… They help us see the gray matter in things that we have known for so long to be “black and white”.

You want to make fun of them for switching jobs on the regular? I don’t blame them! They are embracing their true self and purpose and are realizing that their triangle personality does not fit the general, quintessential “square” expectation, in partnerships, in careers, in family and friends, etc…

We strive to become a society that allows us to embrace our differences and gifts, yet, we are all “yes, be different! Change the world!…but make sure its done in a 9 to 5, with a husband/wife, 2 kids, a dog, in a house in suburbia”

How the heck is that going to work for an individual who is meant to live life as an entrepreneur.  For someone who wants to travel the world and experience the gifts and joys this world has to offer.  For the person who cannot identify with one single gender, and wants to love freely. For the person who wants to skip the college route because trade work resonates with them more, and will continue to be extremely valuable decades later.

At the end of the day, our souls are all made up of the same light, love and stardust matter. No one is better than the other.

We are capable of this collective energy of waking up, realizing that what was once the norm and allowed our societies to thrive and flourish, may not always be the best for us in the future.

We need change in order to grow, and our future generation is leading us towards that path.

My heart goes out to them.  Some even feel as though they may not belong in this cookie cutter society we currently live in, because most of us are still asleep and stuck in our old ways, that if we witness anything different than “the norm”, they are told they are wrong, “too young to know better”, and “just a millenial with their head in the clouds”.  I hear these words thrown around a lot and it really saddens me how quick we can be to crush their spirits. 

Instead, let’s encourage and guide them to become connected to their purpose, embrace and live out their truth and identity, and reconnect with their intuition.

Let’s lead by example.

Let’s embrace our younger generation.

Let’s Talk with them. Support them.  And if you have trouble identifying with them or agreeing with them, then find someone who can.

This post was just a big ‘ol brain dump on my feelings towards that topic. Apologies if it didn’t flow well, haha.  Just something I had to get of my chest and I wanted to keep my feelings perfectly imperfect. Its the energy that matters most to me. 

Manifest Monday 8.20.18

This week, you are being called to Release and Surrender.

Open your arms, and release the challenges that you’ve held tightly gripped within your hands. Open your hands, arms and . heart to love and assistance

When we surrender to fear, control, anxiety and so much more, we finally allow ourselves to trust that our faith is in the hands of the Divine (or as I like to call it, universe).  Know that the universe is always guiding you towards the path that serves your greater good.

We can choose to release those fears, surrender to what may or may not happen, and know that the universe is always on your side, so why not give it a little chat and say something like “Hey Big U, I could really use our help here- I would love for X to manifest, and I would appreciate your guidance and support in how to make that happen. Thank you”

And let it go, man.

Pay attention to signs, “coincidences”, and let yourself be guided by your intuition and your higher self. The solution to a problem is usually already present, we just need a little help and clarity (and a lot less worrying), to help us see it.


If this resonates with you, feel free to share those vibes with us below in the comments. 

Wishing you a beautiful and magical week! 

– guidance was brought to you by Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from you Angels oracle cards. 

step up your manifestation game this weekend with these 3 easy steps

When thinking of universal energy, I always start with these two thoughts:

  1. Like attracts like.
  2. Energy is in everything and everywhere.

Are we taking full advantage of this energy and magic that is available to us all day, every day? This vibrant force that is on our side to help us heal, connect, ascend and manifest all we desire??

I feel safe saying that most of us don’t. The good news is, it can stop today!

This weekend, do these 3 things to help step up your manifestation game using the relentless force and energy of the universe: 

  1.  Be crystal clear.

No wishy-washy nonsense when you are asking for what you want. Now is not the time to be shy or humble. State exactly what you want, how you want it and when you would like to have it.

Example: I don’t just want a car.  I want a freshly painted light blue, 1969 Volkswagen mini bus, for my price range of $12,000 and I want it in time for my Fall road trip across America.

The universe doesn’t mess around, it matches exactly what you ask of it, so be super clear and concise.

Which means its important to….

2.  Be positive.

Remember, energy is everything and everywhere, including our thoughts! Our thoughts hold vibration.  So if we thing negative, low vibrating thoughts, the universe matches it with negative, low vibrating things. If we thing, fun, high vibrating thoughts, the universe will deliver fun, high vibrating things.

It’s as simple as that, right?  Um, No, it’s actually not.  Even Miss Positivity over here can have a bad day here and there and kick the dirt on my way home.  So this is what you gotta do: Anytime you catch yourself starting to think or speak negatively, immediately say “STOP.  Change the vibration, man” and choose to rephrase that exact thought or phrase in a more positive light.


“I only have $8,000 saved and this road trip is 1 month away. I’m never going to get another $4,000 by then.”

Stop.  Change the vibration, man.

“I only have $8,000 saved and this road trip is 1 month away.  How can I get this bus on time? (pick up a few shifts, borrow money, look for the same bus in another state that might be selling it cheaper)

Not only did we change the vibration of our thoughts, but it also forced us to be more proactive.  Movement and momentum is key for raising the vibration.

3.  Repeat your request.

It’s not a “one and done” deal.  You have to be consistent with your actions and energy of your thoughts.

Besides going out there and actually earning the moolah for the bus, find different ways to send your vibrating thoughts to the universe.

This is where vision boards really come in handy.  You slap that bad boy on a wall or high trafficking area in your home and your subconscious picks up on those images.  It’s constantly on your mind and the universe picks up on those subtle frequencies as well.

Grab a journal and write while daydreaming about your days cruising on the open road chasing sunsets.  Where will you stop? What does the view look like? What snacks will you have on hand? This is FUN! And the universe responds to fun very quickly.

Affirmations are a wonderful tool for raising the vibration of your thoughts.

example: “this country is free for me to drive and explore and honor its beauty.  I am grateful for this opportunity to be adventurous in my dream car, that I have earned and deserve to have.”

Repeat these actions, everyday, multiple times per day.  Remember , the universe does NOT differentiate between the energy of your thoughts towards what you already have and the energy of your thoughts towards what you envision having.

Dream big. Repeat.



Manifest Monday 8.6.18

“I am a spirit having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to love” – The Universe Has Your Back

This is deep! I’m rolling with it, here we go…

A few months ago, I was guided to read about the Ascended Masters.  I was hesitant at first, because death has always been an uncomfortable subject for me.  However, after reading a book about Ascended Masters, it gave me more clarity about ourselves as humans and as souls.

What I have come to learn and believe is that we are all infinite souls.  Souls made up of star dust and unconditional love and light. We choose to have experiences as humans to help us learn, grow and ascend. If we are lucky, we can become connected to this message and lesson very early on in life…but I guess that would be too easy, haha!

Without tests, hurdles and barriers, we wouldn’t be able to see where we need to grow and learn, so as souls, we can ascend into high planes of the magical universe.  Ultimately, its love that helps us learn, grow, help and heal.  Love truly is the answer to all problems.

And as a spiritual soul, all we are trying to do is get closer to love and fulfill our mission in this lifetime.


Disconnection from emotions

When we turn off our abilities to feel certain emotions, we don’t have the privilege to select which emotions we want to turn off, ignore, and hide from.

When we turn off our connection with one or a few select emotions, we actually end up turning off our connection with ALL emotions and feelings – the good, bad and the ugly.

Further more, on a spiritual level, it prevents us from receiving any type of messages, intuitive downloads and communication from our spirit guides, angels and our own intuition.

How are we supposed to be guided by our own intuition if we can’t even allow ourselves to tune it and feel anything?

You know what you gotta do right? You gotta feel it to heal it.

Feel all the feels.

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable and surrender to the lessons and messages those memories and emotions are trying to teach you.

*note: If the feelings you are trying to avoid/ignore are triggered by a past trauma, then I encourage  you to seek the appropriate help to assist you in healing from these memories.  This healing should not be done alone.  It can get dark and scary and its important to have support to ground you and nurture you.

Once we start embracing all of our feelings, including the “dark and ugly”, we can open up our channels to feel and heal ALL feelings and emotions.

We become reconnected to our truth, our intuition, and our Source of magic.

Beautiful shifts start to occur because you are now able to make decisions that serve your own greater good, because you are guided by and trust your intuition and gut feelings.


Manifest Monday- 7.23.18

I am doing a thing.

In an effort to increase of awareness of the bountiful , limitless energy of the universe that is available to EVERYONE, I would like to share quotes, stories and insights every Monday, in hopes that in motivates and inspires you all to embrace the magic and endless possibilities that is, universal energy and law of attraction.

Today’s Manifest Monday is brought to you by Gabby Bernstein.  She says…

“Obstacles are detours in the right direction”

How often do we view a set back, an obstacle, a refusal, as something not going your way.

How often do we experience these situations and think that said end goal “was never meant to be” or was just “too hard to attain”.

Do we ever stop, think to ourselves and accept that these barriers and obstacles were MEANT to happen?

We all must trust that the universe is always on our side.  Its always guiding us to the path that was destined for us. These obstacles were not put in our place because we don’t deserve the end result…. they were put in our place because that end result was never planned for us to begin with.

We experience obstacles and barriers, so we can continue to go down the road of our own journey that serves our greater good and was destined for us.


Trade pain for peace

Forgiveness can be a hard pill to swallow.

Regardless of any wrong doing and actions that have caused us nothing but pain and trauma, do you really think holding on to that energy is going to benefit you and allow you to move on peacefully?

It’s time to use that big ‘ol F word…forgiveness.

Not necessarily forgiving the person or the action, not unless it feels right for you, of course. We are being called to seek forgiveness for the benefit and well being of your heart and mind. You get to create a conduit of love and light to fill your heart, mind and soul.  You replace toxic, unfavorable, angry, sad and betrayed energy for love, peace and light.

Release the pain that no longer serves you, and you choose to replace it with love, light and forgiveness.

Trade pain for peace.

Change the vibration of your energy and watch a beautiful manifest life unfold from here on out.

deep energy healing, with a side of LOA

When it comes to ultimate manifestation and living your true purpose in life, I believe that deep energy healing and universal energy (like law of attraction) go hand in hand.

If you are not connected to your truth and purpose, and your life is not going exactly to plan, its possible you are missing at least one, or maybe both of these magical modalities for living an epic life.

Deep energy healing (think kundalini, past life regressions, reiki, releasing emotional trauma, etc) helps move and remove the energy of those stories that have been stuck in any of the layers of your Aura. This is essential, if you cannot seem to get past a barrier in life.

For example, I’ve been wanting to be an entrepreneur for a while.  I’ve done so many side jobs but never felt passionate about them, and I wouldn’t succeed very long after I started.  I would blame it on the lack of connection to my purpose and passion in life.  I finally received some beautiful business coaching that allowed me to connect to my passion and purpose, but guess what, when it was time to accept the fact that I can finally be successful, doing what I loved- I panicked! How could I still have doubts?

Turns out, doubt wasn’t the issue – it was fear.  Fear of success.  It was also feeling like I did not deserve this success.  I did not feel worthy.  This was a huge red flag for my business spiritual coach, and we delved right into that story so I could heal it and release it.  Turns out money and stories about money has always been a topic in my childhood, and I was never really good at saving it either, once I entered my young adult years.  It was always referred to something that was scarce, or lacking in my life.

I could have prayed, meditated, and had a vision board the size of a Times Square billboard with all of my hopes and dreams as a successful entrepreneur, but all of that would not have made a big impact, because I was holding onto my past negative stories around money.

Just tonight, I released a story that must have taken place in one of my past lives.  It can be deep rooted and nestled into our aura, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

It does not mean it defines us.

We can heal and release that story/barrier, and then make room for new stories and positive energy.

Which then leads the perfect pathway for vision boards, affirmations and rituals.  The stories are no longer serving as an energetic barrier.  That barrier is gone and your aura is an open highway for magical, wonderful, epic sh*t! Yeah!

So be mindful that both concepts are very powerful, but sometimes we gotta do that extra digging deep, healing and releasing to fully ignite your manifesting potential.

Deep energy healing isn’t always puppies and rainbows, it can feel a bit dark, icky and gloomy during the process.  A support system is always encouraged, whether its a counselor, coach, support group or friend.  This is why I created the facebook group RAISE THE VIBRATION NATION.  Its a sacred group full of beautiful women who wish to raise their own vibration and become consciousl aware of the power of their own energy and of the universe.  

I welcome you to join our group- its pretty magical in there 🙂 


Stop Playing Small

You are playing small, and this is your permission to stop that shit!

Since the day you were born, you have been destined for a life of growth, learning, fun and love.

This life is meant to be enjoyed and fulfilled as you see fit. You were born for greatness. So stop playing small because you are bigger than what you think you are.

Stop wasting time making decisions that do not serve your greater good and that make you feel weak or unworthy.

Decisions that kill your confidence and self esteem.

We keep ourselves small because we are fearful. We are fearful of old patterns and stories , and the ego holds on to those stories to keep us small and safe.

When we stay small, we live our lives with very little connection to our purpose and intuition. We live our days not honoring our true path and destiny in life.  We do not honor our life purpose and we rob ourselves of a lot of experiences that serve our greater good.

So let’s put an end to this nonsense and lets do the work-ask yourself these questions and sit down with pen and paper…

Why  am I playing small? Why am I keeping myself small? What am I afraid of? Which are the stories and old patterns that are holding be back?

Write and keep writing.

Dont stop.

Start writing for five minutes and if you want to write more, go for it! as long as you need. until your hand hurts. dig deep and uncover these stories and then release them.

Say a little prayer to Archangel Raphael to assist you in the healing and releasing of these stories-

“Archangel Raphael, please be present with me as I acknowledge, honor, release and heal my past stories and patters that have kept me small and fearful.  These stories do not serve my greater good and I need them healed and released.  Please assist me in this healing process. Thank you.”

Be extra kind to yourself after you do some heavy journaling.  Drink lots of water, eat nourishing foods and ground yourself as needed.  This is when a little extra TLC is appreciated 🙂

Rise up and shine bright, my brothers and sisters.


{Identity} The story of validation

Certifications, job promotions and titles.

I have achieved these over and over again.

All the while, never really asking myself if it was what I really wanted.

It felt good to achieve these goals and feel successful, but what I have soon realized was that it was never out of passion.  I just knew it was good to achieve them . It looked good to achieve them. It made me feel validated.

I never realized it then, but validation was something I craved.  I needed it to feel like I mattered.

It was my way of proving to those around me that I was here.  I was valuable. I was present. I had purpose. I am worthy.  I matter.

Once I realized this pattern, I knew it was important to figure out when it started and how it even came about.  I could trace this need for validation as far back as I can remember. In our traditional Hispanic culture, the voices, ideas and thoughts of children are merely celebrated.  This is most evident if said child was first generation American (me!).

My parents worked tooth and nail to survive in a country that was new in all things language and culture.  Growing up, their main concerns were caring for their siblings and making sure there was dinner available. Cut to 25 years later and having a 7 year old daughter tell them that she didn’t appreciate the way she was yelled at in front of her family earlier that day, because it felt embarrassing and condescending.

I’m pretty sure their response was something along the lines of “I’ll show you condescending…(while grabbing the nearest ‘chankla’ [sandal])” Haha.

My parents loved us unconditionally.  They provided a life to live wanting nothing that wasn’t essential.  They tried their dang hardest to understand American culture while raising myself and my sister.  However, patterns are hard to change, especially if one is unaware of them.

No matter how hard I pleaded, raised my voice and stomped my feet, I couldn’t get the validation of my thoughts and feelings that I was striving for, and it left me feeling frustrated, and a tad insignificant. These experiences and memories  have changed the course of my life through habits and patterns that constantly sought out validation and praise.

When I was finally able to trace back the source of my habits and patterns to my childhood memories, it was the best “ureka” moment.  First and foremost, I developed compassion for my parents because I knew in my heart that they only did nothing short of their best to raise my sister and I.  Secondly, I was finally able to start healing those wounds and start changing my current habits and patterns.

Moving forward, I only choose to do things that ignite my passion and soul.  Things that give me chills with excitement.  Things that are FUN! I am making decisions because they genuinely make me happy, and not because I feel as though I need to prove something or receive validation for my efforts.

I encourage you to open up.

Go deep.

Allow yourself to feel safe to go back to those hurtful, shameful memories that have been dictating your life decisions. Feel safe to go back to your roots so you can heal from them , offer closure spiritually, so that you can change the energy of your thoughts and habits, and then your physical, mental and emotional health can follow and thrive.

Be brave.

Allow yourself to feel and heal and watch the magic happen.

{{{I am holding space for you}}}

Digging deep and opening up room in your heart for healing and growth can feel overwhelming and emotional. It’s important to have a grounding routine and support system through your healing journey. 

I have created a sacred, women’s only Facebook group, as a way to hold space for vibrant women who are reconnecting to their true identity and purpose and life.  For women who are reclaiming their power and are ready to do epic sh*t.

I invite you to join our sisterhood where we raise our own vibrations. 

Join my Facebook group: Raise The Vibration Nation 

manifesting as an introvert

Being an introvert does not mean you have to play small.

You don’t have to be loud or aggressive to get what you want in life. You just need to be true to you.

There was a time when I didn’t think that was true.   I would see people come into a room and simply dominate it.  People would hang on their word, give them positive attention and appreciate their presence.  I used to think that by coming in strong and loud, that could warrant the attention and respect.  Funny how it never worked out for me that way when I gave it a whirl here and there (to make matters worse, I am an introvert through and through).  Forcing myself to appear big, loud and obvious made me feel phony and disconnected.  I hated every minute of being in an environment where I felt I had to try to be someone that I knew I wasn’t.

What I didn’t realize then was that those people didn’t attract attention by the decibel in which they spoke, or the clever jokes and conversations they would have, they attracted the attention because of their energy.  They were true to themselves regardless of the environment.  They were showing up as themselves.  Their true, authentic selves.

So regardless of your personality trait, your social environment or your hobbies, please know that its how you show up that attracts what you desire in life.

You can still be your introvert self and still be able to manifest all that you want.

Ditch the thought that you need to be someone that you know you are not.  Sure extroverts get more attention easily, but it really all comes down to energy.  Have you ever met an extrovert that was not being true to themselves? Instead they came from a place of insecurity and threat, and that would typically make them come off being annoying, rude and desperate.  Energy is everything.  It can ignite a room.  So if you are coming into a room with an energy of discomfort, insecurity and desperation, your company is going to feel it too.  Regardless of our personality.

Being authentic is the strongest tool you can posses to reap what you want and deserve.

You have heard of the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe”, right? Be true to you, and your authenticity will shine through your energy and aura.  As per law of attraction, “like attracts like”, so sit back and watch your energy become a magnet to your desires.

As an introvert, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone and be someone you are not.  Simply be clear on who you are and what you want.  Stay true to who you are and don’t settle or back down.  If your energy is authentic, your energy is loud and clear.

Relationships, business, job opportunities, friendships, etc.. .you can manifest all that good stuff, as long as you stay true to yourself and your authenticity.


I am commiting myself to helping women become reconnected to their true, authentic selves.  To become empowered to live their life that serves their own greater good.  To learn how to trust and be guided by their intuition and be their own guru. 

I have created a sacred facebook group that raises the vibration of womanhood and sisterhood. We talk all things self love, empowerment and reconnecting to your true authentic self. 

I guide women to become reconnected to their true purpose in life and how to be guided by their intuition.   If you love the idea of becoming part of a sisterhood that thrives in this type of energy, I invite you to join usRAISE THE VIBRATION NATION