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{spiritual awakening}: The beginning

Kundalini. Kriyas. Auras. Sage (so much sage).  Emotions. Healing. Discovery. Truth. Purpose. 

I’ve been working with the brilliant Brianna Rose for the last 8 weeks and holy moley, its exactly what I needed! I plan to go into more details about it here and share it with anyone who can benefit from reading about my experiences.

I’ve been feeling the urge to start my own business for a while now.  I’ve already had so many ideas, and along with that fears and doubt.  I believe these ideas didn’t work out for two reasons:

1.  It wasn’t my purpose, or my path.  It wasn’t my truth.

2.  I needed to do so much healing within myself, to even have the emotional and mental capacity to be a successful business owner.

yeah… deep shit, man. And also feeling reeaallyyy vulnerable as I share, but its all part of the healing process, so bring on all the feels. Anyway…

I am at a place where I am starting to embrace the healing process and my spiritual awakening at the same time, so I can function, heal and love from a super secure, high vibrational place deep in my heart, my inner truth, my authentic self.

I welcome you along my journey, as I surrender all fear, doubt and ego. I will embrace what I can no longer deny- I am here to help heal and make this world a better place.

Sat Nam!



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