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{true identity} our stories


Grab your journal and a pen, girl….its time to get deep and ask yourself the following questions:

What stories are holding you back?

Who are the people that made you feel less than and told you that you aren’t enough? Who made you feel small and insignificant and didn’t honor you in all of your beauty and glory ?

What are those memories that keep you small, ashamed and insignificant?

More importantly,  why do you allow them to determine your worth? How you treat yourself? What you are truly able to manifest?

Why do you let yourself become identified by these past events?

Why are you a prisoner to past memories that no longer serve you?

I want you to find comfort that what is in the past is just that…the past!

It does not identify you- it does not determine your worth.

What you do right now- is a testament of your true self.

You have the present and the future to make your life what you want it to be- to break free from the chains of self limiting beliefs that serve you lies.

You are so much more than what your stories tell.  The past is the past for a reason- we learn from them and we move on.  We did the best we could and we know better now.

Its time to create new stories.

Its time to create new patterns.

You are meant for such greatness, and its time to shine bright and manifest all you have dreamed of.

Its time to honor your dreams, goals and desires.

To honor your true self.  To celebrate your gifts, your light and your magic.  The world needs you to be yourself and let your light and magic shine through. Its time to smash those past stories, memories and self limiting beliefs, because they don’t serve you.  They never did.  They never will.

Let us heal these wounds with unconditional love and intuitive guidance.



  1. Amen sister! I like how you wrote you are so much more than what your stories tell. But I do like our stories and think of them often! One of my favorites was the power of the chips ahoy!


  2. You made me laugh out loud! Man did we need those chips ahoy cookies to survive biochemistry. Remember we wanted to bring them in on a red velvet pillow the day of the final exam?
    I agree, our stories are important because they help us learn and grow. I also think its good to remember that they don’t always need to dictate our future – some stories are okay to let go of 🙂


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