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{journaling} Facilitating your own healing

I always used to be obsessed with journals. I guess it was the universe’s way to tell me to start writing down my thoughts and feelings on paper so I can facilitate my own healing. However, I would never write in them.  I would probably fill out a page, at most, but then leave it at that.  I couldn’t even re-gift it if I wanted to because I had already used one sad, lonely page.  Yet the collection of journals continue to grow.  For the past three months I have been undergoing some deep energy healing and it was benefited me tremendously, but nonetheless it’s still scary and doesn’t feel good, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s why I never wrote in all of those journals I have collected over the years. I think I just never really wanted to come face to face with my wounds and hurt from the past.

Alas, I’m a little more than halfway through my first REAL journal (read: committed to writing more than just one page) and I’m almost feeling a little sad thinking about the time where I’m finished with it and I need to move onto a new one. It is help me so much to come into light, facilitate my own healing, and really discover and uncover what has been brewing underneath and dictating all of my feelings, actions and life decisions thus far.

i’ve been able to receive clarity in my purpose in life, my passions and what really fuels my soul. I’ve been able to uncover all those old patterns and limiting beliefs that have been ingrained into my energy and my aura.

If you find yourself wanting to use journaling as a means to facilitate your healing and reflect, I advise the following:

Embrace it. Don’t be afraid of your thoughts and feelings.  If they start to feel icky, fearful and uncomfortable, then there is a reason for that, and burying/ignoring those feelings and thoughts is not going to do you any favors.  They will continue to reside underneath the surface and dictate your emotions, feelings, and life.

Feel all the feels.  “You have to feel it, in order to heal it”.  Sit with these thoughts and feelings.  Acknowledge the emotions that come with it. Honor them.  Its part of the healing process.  If you have to cry, do it.  If you want to punch pillows, go nuts (make sure it’s an ugly one).  If you want to scream, get angry or resentful, feel it baby! Its alll part of the healing process and we need to feel all of these feels in order to heal.  Make sure you are extra kind to yourself these days.  Get pampered, drink nourishing teas, adorn yourself in comforting clothes and blankets.  Watch feel good movies. Trust in someone to talk about it all.  Get reiki healing.  Make an appointment with your therapist.  Take care of you!

My favorite part about journaling: you can reflect.  I love looking back a few weeks ago, or even months ago, and seeing where I was at that moment.  I love seeing patterns in my thoughts that repeat entry after entry.  Its my best way to gain clarity with what I am truly experiencing and feeling. Bonus: its a great way to write down some of your best ideas and have a moment of “dayum- I’m a freakin’ genius!”.

If you have a hard time journaling or don’t know how to start I recommend putting time aside for just 5 minutes in a quiet space.  Just start writing what ever is on your mind- seriously, start anywhere, and just keep writing. Don’t stop.  Even if you go on tangents, even if your thoughts are scattered- don’t judge, and just keep on writing.  Eventually you will see that your subconscious thoughts will start to peek through, and you may find yourself writing about things you didn’t even know you felt or were thinking.

Also, feel free to use prompts, like questions or statements. “What made your eyes sparkle when you were younger?”  “Choose 3 things you would like to accomplish this year.” Like I said before, just starting writing your responses to these prompts without judgement.  Let that pen and your thoughts flow in unison and uncover the truth to many of your own questions.


  1. Omg loved reading this! I like how to make journaling so attainable. Funny thing, I was almost going to get you a journal from Thailand! But thought the lite pants may be more helpful in AZ! Please write more blogs!!! Xoxoxo

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  2. messedupmind15 says

    I’ve got a box in my room full of journals that I started but then gave-up on because the thought of exploring my emotions was too scary, so I definitely relate to and appreciate this post!

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    • my pleasure! When I didn’t feel like writing or exploring my thoughts and emotions, I just drew and colored in them, because if nothing else, its a wonderful way to relax the mind (meditate) and lose yourself for just a few minutes 🙂


  3. I absolutely love this post! I’m obsessed with journaling and journals and have been since I was a kid. I’ve kept all of my journals since childhood and every now and then look back and reflect over all or some of my completed journals. Journaling and journals are such a powerful too for healing, self reflection, self awareness and insight. But you are so right it is soo hard and bittersweet when you know that you are getting to the end of your journal because its a sacred connection and especially if the journal a really artistic or nice one. But as a chronic journaler (i just made that up but it honestly should be a word) I really enjoyed reading this!


    • Thank you so much for your words! I am kind of envious of you, haha, oh how I wish I had journals filled with my thoughts as a younger girl and woman. I have old letters to friends from HS, but it was mostly HS drama, haha. I wish you many more days of beautiful writing, healing and reflecting in your journals 🙂 I think i’d like to become a chronic journaler from now on!


      • I think the only reason that I still have my old journals to this day is because I’m a memory hoarder. Lol! But it’s good that you at least started. I think some of the best journaling of memories and milestones comes during adulthood. Thank you so much and enjoy your journaling journey!


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