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{identity} living my best (authentic) life

Real talk.

I have been a bit quiet with my writing and for once its not because I am afraid to share my voice.

I have started my deep energy healing full throttle since January, and it is STILL going strong. As I continue to journal, meditate and grow, it feels as though I am peeling off a new layer of my true, authentic self.  A part of me I never knew existed.  It’s like I am meeting this new part of me for the first time, and learning that we are going to be life long friends.  I want to get to know this new part of me.  Be kind. Smile.  Ask questions.  I want to get to know her reaction to certain situations.  I am learning how she grounds herself when shit gets stressful. I am loving every moment of watching her walk tall, proud and confident. It brings me the most immense pride seeing her act upon her intuition and gut instinct, instead of what she thought was the “right thing to do”.  I love this new part of me, that isn’t really new. It was just buried. Covered.

You see, I never really truly embraced my authentic self.  I was always too concerned about what everyone else was thinking, and was too busy being a people pleaser.  I had a hard time putting myself first, speaking my truth, and owning my identity. Since I started my deep energy healing journey, I have been learning more about myself than in my 30+ years of life.

It’s fun! I am enjoying the process.  Kinda like trying on the perfect pair of shoes, haha.

This weekend I had my Reiki 2 attunement.  I cannot wait to start serving as a healing vessel for this world. I am immersing myself in all things chakra balancing, energy healing, channeling and third eye development. This journey feels like it was mine all along, because it WAS mine all along. I’m so happy I am listening to my gut and doing what feels right for me.

I have been doing some deep channeled writing and automatic journaling. I am excited to continue to share words of love, healing and light.  Our world needs it.

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