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Being Your Own Guru {identity}

The more I keep hearing “Be your own guru”, the more it continues to resonate with me. Hard. Who better knows what is best for you than….you?! Sounds like a no brainer, right? However, if you are or were anything like I was for the past two decades, you might feel as though this concept was unreachable.  Foreign, even.

I had very little connection to my true identity and purpose. All I knew was that I had very little self confidence, and seeking approval and validation from others made me feel better. I based my life decisions and behaviors based on that. A total people pleaser, which is really just a nice way to say “a total pushover”. Man I used to get so mad when people would call me a pushover, but that is what I was because I didn’t know anything else. So how could I have possibly become my own guru if I didn’t even know who the heck I was?!

It has taken A LOT of deep healing, soul searching and digging deep to uncover my purpose and truly embrace my own identity. I am gradually becoming my own guru and it is the most empowering feeling!

I have learned to really become tuned into all of my energies – the good, the bad, the anxious, etc.. I sit with these feelings and I try to find the source of the imbalances. I am learning to not only trust my intuition, but to also let it GUIDE me in all of my life decisions and behaviors. I get to call the shots, because only I know what is best for me. Not society. Not my parents or my friends.

And how beautiful it is to be guided by unconditional love from our spirit friends, so strong and caring that our intuition can pick up that energy so easily.  Its just really up to us to be connected to that energy – that feeling of unconditional love.  That feeling of just knowing that this is the right choice, the right path, the right thing to do, and going with that gut feeling, because your intuition will never lead you wrong.  Your spirit guides will never lead you wrong.  They only want the best for you – they only want to guide you down your destined path, and you can tune into that guidance by your intuition.

I encourage you to embrace becoming your own guru.  Be your own expert. Tune into your energies and honor what it is trying to tell you.  Do what you KNOW is the right thing for yourself.  Be yourself and put yourself first, without apologies or explanation.

Only YOU know what is best for you.  You are your own expert. You are your own guru.

What does being your own guru mean to you? What are some barriers that might be keeping you from becoming YOUR OWN expert?


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