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manifesting as an introvert

Being an introvert does not mean you have to play small.

You don’t have to be loud or aggressive to get what you want in life. You just need to be true to you.

There was a time when I didn’t think that was true.   I would see people come into a room and simply dominate it.  People would hang on their word, give them positive attention and appreciate their presence.  I used to think that by coming in strong and loud, that could warrant the attention and respect.  Funny how it never worked out for me that way when I gave it a whirl here and there (to make matters worse, I am an introvert through and through).  Forcing myself to appear big, loud and obvious made me feel phony and disconnected.  I hated every minute of being in an environment where I felt I had to try to be someone that I knew I wasn’t.

What I didn’t realize then was that those people didn’t attract attention by the decibel in which they spoke, or the clever jokes and conversations they would have, they attracted the attention because of their energy.  They were true to themselves regardless of the environment.  They were showing up as themselves.  Their true, authentic selves.

So regardless of your personality trait, your social environment or your hobbies, please know that its how you show up that attracts what you desire in life.

You can still be your introvert self and still be able to manifest all that you want.

Ditch the thought that you need to be someone that you know you are not.  Sure extroverts get more attention easily, but it really all comes down to energy.  Have you ever met an extrovert that was not being true to themselves? Instead they came from a place of insecurity and threat, and that would typically make them come off being annoying, rude and desperate.  Energy is everything.  It can ignite a room.  So if you are coming into a room with an energy of discomfort, insecurity and desperation, your company is going to feel it too.  Regardless of our personality.

Being authentic is the strongest tool you can posses to reap what you want and deserve.

You have heard of the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe”, right? Be true to you, and your authenticity will shine through your energy and aura.  As per law of attraction, “like attracts like”, so sit back and watch your energy become a magnet to your desires.

As an introvert, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone and be someone you are not.  Simply be clear on who you are and what you want.  Stay true to who you are and don’t settle or back down.  If your energy is authentic, your energy is loud and clear.

Relationships, business, job opportunities, friendships, etc.. .you can manifest all that good stuff, as long as you stay true to yourself and your authenticity.


I am commiting myself to helping women become reconnected to their true, authentic selves.  To become empowered to live their life that serves their own greater good.  To learn how to trust and be guided by their intuition and be their own guru. 

I have created a sacred facebook group that raises the vibration of womanhood and sisterhood. We talk all things self love, empowerment and reconnecting to your true authentic self. 

I guide women to become reconnected to their true purpose in life and how to be guided by their intuition.   If you love the idea of becoming part of a sisterhood that thrives in this type of energy, I invite you to join usRAISE THE VIBRATION NATION

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