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deep energy healing, with a side of LOA

When it comes to ultimate manifestation and living your true purpose in life, I believe that deep energy healing and universal energy (like law of attraction) go hand in hand.

If you are not connected to your truth and purpose, and your life is not going exactly to plan, its possible you are missing at least one, or maybe both of these magical modalities for living an epic life.

Deep energy healing (think kundalini, past life regressions, reiki, releasing emotional trauma, etc) helps move and remove the energy of those stories that have been stuck in any of the layers of your Aura. This is essential, if you cannot seem to get past a barrier in life.

For example, I’ve been wanting to be an entrepreneur for a while.  I’ve done so many side jobs but never felt passionate about them, and I wouldn’t succeed very long after I started.  I would blame it on the lack of connection to my purpose and passion in life.  I finally received some beautiful business coaching that allowed me to connect to my passion and purpose, but guess what, when it was time to accept the fact that I can finally be successful, doing what I loved- I panicked! How could I still have doubts?

Turns out, doubt wasn’t the issue – it was fear.  Fear of success.  It was also feeling like I did not deserve this success.  I did not feel worthy.  This was a huge red flag for my business spiritual coach, and we delved right into that story so I could heal it and release it.  Turns out money and stories about money has always been a topic in my childhood, and I was never really good at saving it either, once I entered my young adult years.  It was always referred to something that was scarce, or lacking in my life.

I could have prayed, meditated, and had a vision board the size of a Times Square billboard with all of my hopes and dreams as a successful entrepreneur, but all of that would not have made a big impact, because I was holding onto my past negative stories around money.

Just tonight, I released a story that must have taken place in one of my past lives.  It can be deep rooted and nestled into our aura, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

It does not mean it defines us.

We can heal and release that story/barrier, and then make room for new stories and positive energy.

Which then leads the perfect pathway for vision boards, affirmations and rituals.  The stories are no longer serving as an energetic barrier.  That barrier is gone and your aura is an open highway for magical, wonderful, epic sh*t! Yeah!

So be mindful that both concepts are very powerful, but sometimes we gotta do that extra digging deep, healing and releasing to fully ignite your manifesting potential.

Deep energy healing isn’t always puppies and rainbows, it can feel a bit dark, icky and gloomy during the process.  A support system is always encouraged, whether its a counselor, coach, support group or friend.  This is why I created the facebook group RAISE THE VIBRATION NATION.  Its a sacred group full of beautiful women who wish to raise their own vibration and become consciousl aware of the power of their own energy and of the universe.  

I welcome you to join our group- its pretty magical in there 🙂 



  1. AWalkWithNature says

    I have just recently discovered Reiki healing and it has blown my mind! Thanks for sharing!


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