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Trade pain for peace

Forgiveness can be a hard pill to swallow.

Regardless of any wrong doing and actions that have caused us nothing but pain and trauma, do you really think holding on to that energy is going to benefit you and allow you to move on peacefully?

It’s time to use that big ‘ol F word…forgiveness.

Not necessarily forgiving the person or the action, not unless it feels right for you, of course. We are being called to seek forgiveness for the benefit and well being of your heart and mind. You get to create a conduit of love and light to fill your heart, mind and soul.  You replace toxic, unfavorable, angry, sad and betrayed energy for love, peace and light.

Release the pain that no longer serves you, and you choose to replace it with love, light and forgiveness.

Trade pain for peace.

Change the vibration of your energy and watch a beautiful manifest life unfold from here on out.

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