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Manifest Monday- 7.23.18

I am doing a thing.

In an effort to increase of awareness of the bountiful , limitless energy of the universe that is available to EVERYONE, I would like to share quotes, stories and insights every Monday, in hopes that in motivates and inspires you all to embrace the magic and endless possibilities that is, universal energy and law of attraction.

Today’s Manifest Monday is brought to you by Gabby Bernstein.  She says…

“Obstacles are detours in the right direction”

How often do we view a set back, an obstacle, a refusal, as something not going your way.

How often do we experience these situations and think that said end goal “was never meant to be” or was just “too hard to attain”.

Do we ever stop, think to ourselves and accept that these barriers and obstacles were MEANT to happen?

We all must trust that the universe is always on our side.  Its always guiding us to the path that was destined for us. These obstacles were not put in our place because we don’t deserve the end result…. they were put in our place because that end result was never planned for us to begin with.

We experience obstacles and barriers, so we can continue to go down the road of our own journey that serves our greater good and was destined for us.


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