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Disconnection from emotions

When we turn off our abilities to feel certain emotions, we don’t have the privilege to select which emotions we want to turn off, ignore, and hide from.

When we turn off our connection with one or a few select emotions, we actually end up turning off our connection with ALL emotions and feelings – the good, bad and the ugly.

Further more, on a spiritual level, it prevents us from receiving any type of messages, intuitive downloads and communication from our spirit guides, angels and our own intuition.

How are we supposed to be guided by our own intuition if we can’t even allow ourselves to tune it and feel anything?

You know what you gotta do right? You gotta feel it to heal it.

Feel all the feels.

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable and surrender to the lessons and messages those memories and emotions are trying to teach you.

*note: If the feelings you are trying to avoid/ignore are triggered by a past trauma, then I encourage  you to seek the appropriate help to assist you in healing from these memories.  This healing should not be done alone.  It can get dark and scary and its important to have support to ground you and nurture you.

Once we start embracing all of our feelings, including the “dark and ugly”, we can open up our channels to feel and heal ALL feelings and emotions.

We become reconnected to our truth, our intuition, and our Source of magic.

Beautiful shifts start to occur because you are now able to make decisions that serve your own greater good, because you are guided by and trust your intuition and gut feelings.


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