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Manifest Monday 8.6.18

“I am a spirit having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to love” – The Universe Has Your Back

This is deep! I’m rolling with it, here we go…

A few months ago, I was guided to read about the Ascended Masters.  I was hesitant at first, because death has always been an uncomfortable subject for me.  However, after reading a book about Ascended Masters, it gave me more clarity about ourselves as humans and as souls.

What I have come to learn and believe is that we are all infinite souls.  Souls made up of star dust and unconditional love and light. We choose to have experiences as humans to help us learn, grow and ascend. If we are lucky, we can become connected to this message and lesson very early on in life…but I guess that would be too easy, haha!

Without tests, hurdles and barriers, we wouldn’t be able to see where we need to grow and learn, so as souls, we can ascend into high planes of the magical universe.  Ultimately, its love that helps us learn, grow, help and heal.  Love truly is the answer to all problems.

And as a spiritual soul, all we are trying to do is get closer to love and fulfill our mission in this lifetime.


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