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step up your manifestation game this weekend with these 3 easy steps

When thinking of universal energy, I always start with these two thoughts:

  1. Like attracts like.
  2. Energy is in everything and everywhere.

Are we taking full advantage of this energy and magic that is available to us all day, every day? This vibrant force that is on our side to help us heal, connect, ascend and manifest all we desire??

I feel safe saying that most of us don’t. The good news is, it can stop today!

This weekend, do these 3 things to help step up your manifestation game using the relentless force and energy of the universe: 

  1.  Be crystal clear.

No wishy-washy nonsense when you are asking for what you want. Now is not the time to be shy or humble. State exactly what you want, how you want it and when you would like to have it.

Example: I don’t just want a car.  I want a freshly painted light blue, 1969 Volkswagen mini bus, for my price range of $12,000 and I want it in time for my Fall road trip across America.

The universe doesn’t mess around, it matches exactly what you ask of it, so be super clear and concise.

Which means its important to….

2.  Be positive.

Remember, energy is everything and everywhere, including our thoughts! Our thoughts hold vibration.  So if we thing negative, low vibrating thoughts, the universe matches it with negative, low vibrating things. If we thing, fun, high vibrating thoughts, the universe will deliver fun, high vibrating things.

It’s as simple as that, right?  Um, No, it’s actually not.  Even Miss Positivity over here can have a bad day here and there and kick the dirt on my way home.  So this is what you gotta do: Anytime you catch yourself starting to think or speak negatively, immediately say “STOP.  Change the vibration, man” and choose to rephrase that exact thought or phrase in a more positive light.


“I only have $8,000 saved and this road trip is 1 month away. I’m never going to get another $4,000 by then.”

Stop.  Change the vibration, man.

“I only have $8,000 saved and this road trip is 1 month away.  How can I get this bus on time? (pick up a few shifts, borrow money, look for the same bus in another state that might be selling it cheaper)

Not only did we change the vibration of our thoughts, but it also forced us to be more proactive.  Movement and momentum is key for raising the vibration.

3.  Repeat your request.

It’s not a “one and done” deal.  You have to be consistent with your actions and energy of your thoughts.

Besides going out there and actually earning the moolah for the bus, find different ways to send your vibrating thoughts to the universe.

This is where vision boards really come in handy.  You slap that bad boy on a wall or high trafficking area in your home and your subconscious picks up on those images.  It’s constantly on your mind and the universe picks up on those subtle frequencies as well.

Grab a journal and write while daydreaming about your days cruising on the open road chasing sunsets.  Where will you stop? What does the view look like? What snacks will you have on hand? This is FUN! And the universe responds to fun very quickly.

Affirmations are a wonderful tool for raising the vibration of your thoughts.

example: “this country is free for me to drive and explore and honor its beauty.  I am grateful for this opportunity to be adventurous in my dream car, that I have earned and deserve to have.”

Repeat these actions, everyday, multiple times per day.  Remember , the universe does NOT differentiate between the energy of your thoughts towards what you already have and the energy of your thoughts towards what you envision having.

Dream big. Repeat.



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