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Manifest Monday 8.20.18

This week, you are being called to Release and Surrender.

Open your arms, and release the challenges that you’ve held tightly gripped within your hands. Open your hands, arms and . heart to love and assistance

When we surrender to fear, control, anxiety and so much more, we finally allow ourselves to trust that our faith is in the hands of the Divine (or as I like to call it, universe).  Know that the universe is always guiding you towards the path that serves your greater good.

We can choose to release those fears, surrender to what may or may not happen, and know that the universe is always on your side, so why not give it a little chat and say something like “Hey Big U, I could really use our help here- I would love for X to manifest, and I would appreciate your guidance and support in how to make that happen. Thank you”

And let it go, man.

Pay attention to signs, “coincidences”, and let yourself be guided by your intuition and your higher self. The solution to a problem is usually already present, we just need a little help and clarity (and a lot less worrying), to help us see it.


If this resonates with you, feel free to share those vibes with us below in the comments. 

Wishing you a beautiful and magical week! 

– guidance was brought to you by Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from you Angels oracle cards. 

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