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stop hating on millennials already

I used to nark on millennials- something I am not proud of, but I have had a change of heart recently.  Their lingo and music still makes me want to jab a q-tip in my ears, but that’s as far as I will let my adversity towards them go.  This generation is our future, and will pave the path of the future for the generation after that.

These beautiful souls are living in the age where we are being called to question everything!

They are becoming awakened to the energy that surrounds them, and they know deep in their gut, that shit is just not happening as it should be. They are starting to ask questions.  Discover different methods, explore various options… They help us see the gray matter in things that we have known for so long to be “black and white”.

You want to make fun of them for switching jobs on the regular? I don’t blame them! They are embracing their true self and purpose and are realizing that their triangle personality does not fit the general, quintessential “square” expectation, in partnerships, in careers, in family and friends, etc…

We strive to become a society that allows us to embrace our differences and gifts, yet, we are all “yes, be different! Change the world!…but make sure its done in a 9 to 5, with a husband/wife, 2 kids, a dog, in a house in suburbia”

How the heck is that going to work for an individual who is meant to live life as an entrepreneur.  For someone who wants to travel the world and experience the gifts and joys this world has to offer.  For the person who cannot identify with one single gender, and wants to love freely. For the person who wants to skip the college route because trade work resonates with them more, and will continue to be extremely valuable decades later.

At the end of the day, our souls are all made up of the same light, love and stardust matter. No one is better than the other.

We are capable of this collective energy of waking up, realizing that what was once the norm and allowed our societies to thrive and flourish, may not always be the best for us in the future.

We need change in order to grow, and our future generation is leading us towards that path.

My heart goes out to them.  Some even feel as though they may not belong in this cookie cutter society we currently live in, because most of us are still asleep and stuck in our old ways, that if we witness anything different than “the norm”, they are told they are wrong, “too young to know better”, and “just a millenial with their head in the clouds”.  I hear these words thrown around a lot and it really saddens me how quick we can be to crush their spirits. 

Instead, let’s encourage and guide them to become connected to their purpose, embrace and live out their truth and identity, and reconnect with their intuition.

Let’s lead by example.

Let’s embrace our younger generation.

Let’s Talk with them. Support them.  And if you have trouble identifying with them or agreeing with them, then find someone who can.

This post was just a big ‘ol brain dump on my feelings towards that topic. Apologies if it didn’t flow well, haha.  Just something I had to get of my chest and I wanted to keep my feelings perfectly imperfect. Its the energy that matters most to me. 


  1. Poonam says

    As an actual ‘millennial’ (although there’s much dispute on who is one) I love this post! As much as it’s hard to sum up a whole generation this whole one size fits all mentality is definitely what we are recognising more and more to be a MYTH! Your words hit the nail on head.


    • I appreciate your response so much, thank you.
      I dont even like using that term anymore.
      At the end of the day, we are all people, trying to make it through this life path with love and compassion in our hearts.

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