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Manifest Monday 8.27.18

When life starts to test our limits, remember this:

“I am a spirit having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to love”- Gabby Bernstein


Because at the end of the day, that is our true soul’s purpose in life-  to find, live and breathe unconditional love.

Everything else that handed to us in this human experience, is meant to help us grow, evolve, and ascend into unconditional love.

When we decide to leave our human body and this plane of exsistance, it will not matter what car we had, what kind of house we lived in, what trips we made, etc…

What will matter most is if we were ever able to acheive any of those things ( or never have them at all) while having unconditional love in our hearts.

That is the biggest test in our lifetime here on earth.  That will be our greatest achievement.

Let that sink in… (and then share your thoughts below!)

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