Welcome beautiful souls,

I am Michelle Hill, owner of Soulful of Health, LLC and the loving creator of the    Goddess Awakening transformation program.

Better known for being an enhancer of self loving energy – helping women heal from their old stories and patterns and teaching them to trust their intuition and become their own guru.

I help women reconnect to their true self, purpose and power by means of energy healing, a self love and self care practice, and embracing their powerful, magical divine feminine energy. 

You see, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for helping people. I was always sensitive to energies and emotions, and my heart knows no bounds when it comes to compassion and empathy.

How could I ever deny that my purpose in this lifetime is to help.

To motivate, inspire and lift others up.

To heal.

Throughout our current lifespan, our experiences mold us and dictate our future.  Let me be clear, ALL experiences do that-  the good, bad and the ugly.  I’m a firm believer in balance and synergy.  However, when our past experiences and memories lead towards destructive thoughts and behavior, welp- thats a problem.

Our thoughts carry energy, and that energy can manifest our reality.  If those thoughts are negative, destructive, and hurtful, then we manifest a life of negativity, destruction and pain.

If we can change the energy of our thoughts to be positive, loving and successful, then we can manifest a life of positivity, unconditional love and success.  I am a firm believer in the Law Of Attraction.  Changing the vibration of our thoughts can change our lives in the most miraculous ways.


If the current energy of our thoughts is so deeply rooted into our aura, then we need to dig deep and facilitate the necessary healing  from what is blocking us from changing the vibration of our thoughts and manifesting a beautiful life.

I want to help you transform your life through self love and healing. I want to help you identify your old patterns and limiting beliefs so that you can heal from the past, and step into the future with a sense of clear purpose. A sense of power to confidently make the best decisions in your life.  To be guided by our own intuition.  More importantly, I want to teach you how to raise the vibration of your own thoughts, so that you can manifest all that your heart desires, because you deserve it.  A beautiful, limitless life was destined for you.

Let me show you how to get there.


Few more things about me: 

  • Currently live in Phoenix, Arizona with hubby and rescue dog Ace (by way of Long Island, New York – born and raised)
  • I am a certified Reiki energy healer and registered dietitian
  • I am a crystals and oracle cards junkie (no shame in my game)
  • I am a huge advocate for children and their well being  (I am currently training to be a CASA)
  • pastel colors are my love language 
  • pizza is life

Thank you for joining me in this space, now let’s get to work and make some magic!