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Goddess Awakening

The Goddess Awakening  is a 1:1, 3-month transformation journey that ultimately helps you ascend and connect with your higher self for a life that is energetically awakened, empowered and intuition driven.

It lovingly holds space for energy healing to release any energetic ties of past memories, traumas and stories that do not serve your greater good.

It teaches how to trust your intuition, be your own guru, and make decisions in life that serve YOUR OWN greater good.

What does the Goddess Awakening transformation journey include:

  • 1:1 weekly phone sessions ( OR skype if you prefer) for an intimate hour of healing, reflection, growth and loving support.  (that’s right, every week, for three months, you have me on your side every step of the way of your transformation journey)
  • Energy healing:
    • we start off with a distance reiki healing to assess your current energetic state and to clear any blockages to move forward in your journey
    • we regularly assess your chakra energy system to remove and clear blockages and/or amplify energy that will help you towards your goal
    • guidance and recommendation of crystals to use to assist with healing and transformation
  • Intuition Training:
    • you will be provided with journal prompts to help become comfortable with automatic writing, assessing your own energetic state and allowing yourself to tap into your subconscious and discover your answers within
    • weekly angel card readings for additional guidance and support
  • Developing a practice of self love and care: 
    • practice mindfulness towards your thoughts, words and actions
    • learn how to prioritize time for yourself that makes you feel your best
    • individualized, custom tailored affirmations to raise your own vibration
  • Reconnection to your power to manifest a life you deserve:
    • discuss and regularly use the tools of Law of Attraction to start manifesting a life you deserve
    • learn how to scan the energy of your thoughts, words and actions
    • identify patterns and behaviors that serve as blocks towards manifestation and replace them with new behaviors that are energetically charged with love and positivity
    • learn to embrace, love and use the energy of the divine feminine and appreciate your creative gifts and magic that you hold within (super powerful and empowering stuff!)
  • In addition, you will have me as your personal 1:1 transformation cheerleader.  I am here beside you on this journey, every step of the way.  You will have unlimited email support and access to the empowering facebook group Raise The Vibration Nation. 

At the end of this transformation journey, you will become the expert of yourself.  You will know how to raise your own vibration, clear yourself of energy that no longer serves you, and heal any stories and wounds that have been holding you back.

You will have a beautiful, strong sense of purpose and truth.  You will feel so confident and secure, and free to be you, with out apologies or explanation.  No more settling and putting your boundaries on the back burner.

You will know how to prioritize self love and care in a way that does not make you feel selfish or self absorbed.  Instead, you will plan your own self love and care practices that make you feel good, awakened, and the true powerful Goddess that you are.

You will be so in tune with your own energies and intuition, that you will never have to doubt a decision or plan again.

With confidence and power, you will have set your own standards and boundaries that serve your greater good.  Only you have the power to decide what serves you best.

At the end of your journey, you will have transformed into an awakened Goddess.

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